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November 2008



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Nov. 5th, 2008



I'm on top of the world
The question now is....
Is the world ready for me?

Oct. 28th, 2008



What if he is not what I need?


Does looks count?

Why am I falling for him?

 haven't even met him yet

Oct. 27th, 2008




I though that someone out there will hear me sing
But everyone refused to hear the song in my heart
What's left to sing now, is just the joyful sorrow
Of someone who has lost, and someone who gained
You can't base your happiness by making someone sad
You have to free the person you have put down on the ground
Though you might now know what someone means to you
You'll find out when that person has had enough
You know that all I have ever done was to try and please you
And the more I tried, the more you took advantage
You hurt me with every single passing moment
with every single word....
A thought...
A memory.....
When I'm gone and have found my happiness
I'll think back on all these times when you have put me down
This one is for you, my friend....
I will not hurt you
I will not betray you
For now, I'll take everything you're throwing at me
For now, you can enjoy it
But I know that I'll get through this
And you'll be alone
Alone in this world full of hate
Alone with your twisted mind

Oct. 22nd, 2008



I just can't believe it
I have so much to say
But how do you get the words out
How do you make people believe
What you believe in?
I'm running after the wind
I just can't seem to catch it
I am losing faith in what I believe
Because no one else can believe it
what can I do to be heard?
Who will believe it if they can't
Even reach out and try to feel it?
That's what I ask of you?
Who will help me get through it?
If people are too scared?
if they reach out to normality?
If they feel with their hands
And not with their hearts?

Oct. 9th, 2008



It helps when you know how to help with injuries
I was able to help my sister just now when she fell
She hurt her wrist and knee real bad
Her wrist looks broken and all that
HOPEFULLY it's not
She's still in shock
But I hope she'll be OK



I think that if you take a vote, it would say that CRIME is the biggest reason that South Africa is falling apart.
There's people in jail that does not belong there, and with that, our jails are full, they let people out that doesn't deserve it.
They throw people in jail for robbing a shop, I know it's right, but they waste their time with that, while there is rapists, murdurers and racists out there, just laughing about their previous victim, picking out the next.
Our police don't care about the murders going on, and if you ask me, they are kinda racists themselves, because if you are white, and talking to a black officer, he doesn't care, and if you are black, and the officer helping you is white, he doesn't care about you.
All they care about nowadays, is themselves, not even their families!
The decision made in 1994 was supposed to make things only better, but it got worst.
It was a vote for  democrasie, but 10 years later, it is turning into apartheid again!
Do you think it's right?
Everyone's blaming the past on us!
we have nothing to do with what our father's father's father's father's did, we are against it.
It's not our fault that there was apartheid, why can't anyone understand?